Wednesday, June 23, 2010

And we're back!

I didn't mean to not blog while we were gone but Amber's internet was acting crazy so I mostly stayed off the computer. It was good :)

Camping was good too. Unfortunately we all got the stomach flu so it wasn't great but it was still fun. We had a very exclusive club called the Barf Buddies. If you'd thrown up you were in the club. By the end of the weekend only the dads weren't a member of the club! We had a special hand gesture and everything. We were the funniest sick people ever. I'll elaborate more when Amber sends me pictures from the trip. I pretty much used Amber's camera exclusively the whole time I was there. I need one. I'm going to start saving my pennies.

In other news I'm worried about our children and their eternal salvation.

Reason #1: As we were consuming a disgusting amount of candy on the drive up, Davis broke his Red Vine into two pieces "smoked" one and turned the other one into a gun. Nice.

Reason #2: On the way down Grayson tried to seal cheese curds from a gas station in So. Santaquin, UT!! I was nursing Whitney in the van and I see him wander out with a bag, half hiding them behind his back. I get out of the van and when he sees me he hold them up and says, "These are my favorite" (except for the fact that he's never had a cheese curd in his whole life haha). I asked him if he had his dad pay for them and he says, "Ummm, I forgot. I better go back." Caught red-handed not to mention the fact that he wandered away from his dad and went outside! Crazy kid!!

I'm sure it's all a product of my AWESOME parenting.
Yay me!


Jocie said...

A. I really don't think you taught Davis to smoke licorice
2. boys will turn ANYTHING into a gun. No one knows where they get it. It must be genetic.
III. at least Gray went back instead of denying it! Then there would be a problem.

Autumn said...

All very true observations Jocie, thanks :)