Wednesday, June 30, 2010

It was epic!

A long time ago I told Jeff that I thought epic was a funny word and I was going to start using it all the time. I think I said it three times and then forgot haha. Anyways, I was uploading the pictures from our camping trip in ID and it was EPIC! There is an obscene amount of pictures I want to post. I used Amber's camera the whole time (and had to have her upload the pictures so I could have them on my computer, hence the delay in posting). It's awesome. Once again I think Meema and I are the only ones who will enjoy these posts in their entirety. Let it begin :)

We stayed in the luxury cabin. It was hillbilly luxury. Two rooms, one small bathroom. Lots of fun. It's okay, we ARE hillbillies. We hung out the first night, excited to be there (except for Grayson).

The boys were very manly and cut down a dead tree with a chainsaw. And then we proceeded to very amateurishly chop it into firewood. Except for Bill, he's a professional.

Even the kids had their turn at chopping.

I like to call this picture "Safety First"
Notice how Leah's not in any of the pictures? It's because this was her barf day. She was relaxing inside.
More cute pictures.
That was Thursday, the first day.

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