Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Today was a long day.

We left the house at 9am and I didn't really get home to stay until 11:30pm! Crazy. The greatest thing that happened today is Gray went to gymnastics for the first time ever! I watched him through the window most of the time and when they were doing bar exercises he looked petrified. When he was done he said he had fun and then he said this: "I was swinging from the bar and then my teacher flipped me over and it totally scared me." That is a direct quote. It totally scared him haha. And him saying that with his lisp is just too cute :)


Jennifer said...

What?! How could you be gone until that time at night bwith 4 little ones? And BLOG?! You are a crazy lady!
FYI my word verification was: suckey

Autumn said...

We were hanging out with friends mostly. And then I had Angie Thompson watch the kids while I went to the RC Willey Clearance Center to pick up my new loveseat and that took forever! But really, it was totally exhausting haha.

And how does that word verification thingy know me so well ;)