Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Camping Day 2, Friday

We spent most of the second day chasing down geocaches. The kids thought it was fun.

Even though Cash started barfing. Grayson and I took a break to have a little sword fight.

After Cash threw up Sterling started crying saying he was scared he was next and that he hates to throw up (he's his mother's son haha). Anyways, within seconds of me taking the picture on the left, the picture on the right happened. He and Cash were the barf brothers for the rest of the day.

We kept going to geocaches though. The scenery was beautiful!

Most of the caches were right of the road so we just drove from cache to cache. With the barf brothers in the truck Bill kept having to pull over and let them do their business. And thus the "barf buddies" sign was born. We wore that sign out for the rest of the weekend.

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