Saturday, June 12, 2010

I didn't blog yesterday!!

I JUST realized I skipped yesterday! Oops. I think it's probably because my mom and dad randomly came into town last night to attend a horse training seminar here. I think it threw me off.

Anyways, today was great. We all ate a gourmet breakfast of gluten-free oatmeal and Jeff and I folded a bazillion loads of laundry :) My parents left early this morning and right before they left my mom asked if I still had a camera. Uh, yeah. "Well, you should be taking pictures." Haha, here's the one I took:

Davis doesn't actually wear glasses, those are Papa's and Grayson looks grumpy huh!? Well, he was grumpy all morning! For example he was upstairs with Jeff and the door to the balcony was open, letting in the breeze. Grayson couldn't stand it and told Jeff to "Close the door. It's winding me over."

I guess the breeze was kinda strong though. The big kids and I flew kites across the street in what the kids call "the wilderness". I love this picture because it represents so much to me. Leah and Davis had earned those kites by doing their chores and earning points on a chart. It makes me proud that they're being good helpers and that they're taking their prize and actually enjoying it :)

It's a good thing Grayson got over his grumpies by nighttime because we went to a super fun graduation party with a live band. The kids LOVED it! I loved it too. We were all dancing together (except for Jeff of course) and it was great. Leah and Davis were taking turns dancing with Whitney in their arms laughing the whole time. And I REALLY wish I'd had a video camera to record Grayson's dancing. It was all crazy and hilarious. It was so bizarre it kinda reminded me of Elaine from Seinfeld :) He'd punch his arms and then wiggle his booty like in the chicken dance and sometimes he's do the funky chicken with this legs. Sometimes he'd even put his hands on the ground and lift one of his legs up into the air (I'm pretty sure that's a legitimate yoga pose haha). And there were other kids there that they made friends with, dancing in a circle holding hands and such. It was super fun. We stayed way late and Davis, Grayson and Whitney fell asleep on the 10 minute drive home. The only bad thing is that 8 am church is going to come so much faster!! I need to get to bed RIGHT NOW!

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