Thursday, June 3, 2010

"If you didn't know it, this is love"

-"Never Let You Go" by Justin Bieber

Here are the pictures Jana took back in April! These are one of the many awesome things I've procrastinated posting.
Love, love all these pictures.

It's amazing to me they're all mine...and Jeff's, I guess.
Leah, my love.
Such a beautiful soul.
She's so motherly already. She told me she wants to have a lot of kids but 4 isn't a lot. Ten is a lot. I told her she should have ten kids, she'd be a great mom. Sometimes I think she thinks she already has three :)
So thoughtful. When I was up in ID at Amber's she went to a concert with her dad. While she was there Grandma Cindy gave her a coin to throw in the wishing fountain. The next day I called to tell them Amber had her baby and Leah said, "My wish came true." She melts my heart.
So many emotions in such a little body. Her daddy says she's all four season in one day, just like her mama.
But she looks just like her daddy, only pretty :)
Davis Bryan.
Nothin' but love for this kid.
He has such a good heart. Any teacher he's ever had has sung his praises. Twice teachers have sent home notes to the parents about the unruliness of the class and then taken me to the side and said it doesn't really apply to Davis. I love that he's not a follower.
One way to make Davis instantly mad is to use something of his without asking. He is pretty good about sharing... when asked nicely, with manners.
Loves to learn and help and build things and play games and try new things and be friends.
Grayson boy.
A rockstar at heart. Completely comfortable waving at strangers, venturing up on the stand at church, trying to play the piano on the stand at church during sacrament meeting, etc. I'm sure he didn't want to disappoint his adoring fans.
A couple months ago my sister-in-law said Grayson looked like such a big kid now and ever since then he has to me! I think I still thought of him as my baby boy. With the lisp and the not sleeping through the night it was hard for me to see how mature he had become. I see it now, waahh.
He's a smarty pants. My sister calls him a know-it-all haha. When he went to nursery for the first time after me (and him) had been gone the first thing he told his teachers is, "I'm three now." Too cute. Especially since I didn't know how much he picked up on his birthday since I wasn't even here for the actual day and we hadn't had a party for him yet.
His musical talent is really coming out lately. Very impressively sang "Happy Birthday" to himself when we had birthday muffins for him a few Sundays ago, and sang Justin Bieber's "One Less Lonely Girl" going up and down the slide at the park.
Not to mention that he "is Troy Bolton".

Whitney, my saving grace.
She brings so much joy and happiness with her I can hardly remember the stress of getting her here.
Beautiful blue eyes. They make Davis especially happy. He likes to match.
Never really used a binkie. She was always just content.
She does equally well with crazy as she does with quiet.
Grayson got her to laugh the other day and proudly announced, "Whitney really loves me."
Yes, she is love.


Jocie said...

Aww Autumn! Your family is just the best! And I love the new hair. I don't care what Josh says, your hair looks way better than mine. its really unfair to compare them.

Ruth said...

They are all adorable!