Friday, June 4, 2010

I'm a hero!

I donated blood today! And because I'm a fatty they let me do a "double" so I'm sure that makes me doubly awesome :)

Jeff and I watched the cheesiest movie ever tonight. We only watched the whole thing because I've had it from Netflix for FOUR months!! Yikes.

The corner of Leah's eye has been red for over about a week now. I took her to the doctor this morning and she said it was probably just seasonal allergies. That's good because mama no likey eye infections.

I played basketball again last night. Sooooooooo tiring! Tonight I got a much needed massage. Not from Jeff, from Massage Envy. Worth every penny.

Misty and fam stayed at our house last night. They're going to SD for the weekend and wanted a place to crash. They are always welcome here. After watching her for me Misty commented on just how mellow Whitney is. She saw her just a couple months ago but it's still surprising. Yes, I agree Misty! And Whitney loved snuggling with Misty and Ernie. Misty and Ernie loved it too I'm sure :)


Emily B said...

So what was the movie?

Autumn said...

Fireproof haha.