Monday, June 14, 2010

I love Summer!

And I love my friend Rachel. Whenever we get together it's for the ENTIRE day and it's always fun! Today I had to take my Sienna to the Toyota dealership to get the CD changer replaced (that thing never worked right!) and even though it's probably a simple fix it took ALL DAY. It didn't matter though because Rachel came to my rescue. She picked my family up from the dealership and we hung out at her house. My kids love her kids so it was a fun afternoon filled with coloring, eating and jumping on the trampoline with the hose on :)

And then on the way home I found a lovely leather loveseat at the RC Willey clearance center that was on MAJOR sale and will fit perfectly in our office :) I even bought the "warranty" to cover it for 5 years :) I do live with Grayson after all.

And THEN heaven smiled upon me and I was able to travel at the speed limit the entire drive home on I15 southbound during RUSH HOUR! It was wonderful, we even beat Jeff home from work.

And then, this is just icing on the cake.
FIVE bedrooms and all the kids end up in the SAME ONE!
Three kids choose the same bed haha.
I bet someone falls off tonight, not Davis though.

And Whitney always looks adorable sleeping. For reals!

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rachel said...

awwww thank you. I love when you guys come over. We def gotta do it more often. so I see you finally found the clearence center and scored. Good for you.