Sunday, June 27, 2010

Family Date at the Movies

We took the kids (minus Whitney) to see Toy Story 3 yesterday and it was pretty good. All the kids were being especially cranky before it was time to go but they pulled it together in time to enjoy the show. It was in 3D but the effects weren't especially noticeable. Jeff had taken Davis and Leah to see How to Train Your Dragon awhile back and said the 3D effects in that movie were amazing, so this one wasn't nearly as impressive. Now that I think about it, this might have been Grayson's first movie theater experience! He did pretty well but was definitely ready to go when it ended. Actually, he kept asking me if it was over yet for the last 10 minutes haha. I enjoyed it overall but the price of a movie these days is RIDICULOUS!! And a bottle of water at the concession stand is $4.50! The people next to me in line dropped $44 dollars just on popcorn and drinks for their group! RIDICULOUS! I think I've gotten super cheap in my old age ;)


middleagedcrazywoman said...

You're not alone! I was born super cheap and have finally gotten to the stage of bringing treats again. But I have it easy as my kids don't like popcorn that much so if I let them go to the store and pick something out and bring them some water - I'm set. I do miss the popcorn but looking at my receipt for just admission I feel a little bit better about it.


Ashley said...

I totally agree with you about the 3D effects. How to train your dragon was awesome and Rae even noticed the difference.

We splurged and bought popcorn but I brought water bottles for us to drink. We had two free tickets for the movie. But the price of the popcorn was the same as the movie! I got my money's worth and refilled it 2 times :)

Autumn said...

Popcorn refills would make it worth it...kinda. I don't think ours does that. I think they made it 3D so they could charge us extra! LOL